How Facebook Got 95 Percent Engagement With Its Digital Storytelling Program

Sep 01, 2021
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Learning Technologies

Come see how a choreographed dance between storytelling, technology, and collaboration resulted in 95 percent learner engagement for one of Facebook's most sought-after digital learning programs. The speakers will share secret lessons learned that may have you rethinking your digital training strategy.

Application on the Job:

  • Design digital courses for maximum learner engagement using a blend of storytelling, technology, and collaboration.
  • Leverage relationship-driven learning and leaders as teachers to promote a self-service model of coaching.
  • Explore how internal sponsorship, nudges, and other marketing efforts can lead to 95 percent engagement in digital training.

Target Audience: Director/Manager

Session Type: Super Session

Augustin Couto, Head of Learning for Global Marketing Solutions - Latin America - Facebook
Charlie Chung, Vice President Of Business Development - NovoEd
Janine Kurnoff, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer - The Presentation Company

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