Training That Sticks: How Leadership Development Creates Sustainable Culture Change

May 18, 2022
Leadership Development
Curated Learning Paths Level Up Your Talent Development Toolkit
Are you tired of investing in leadership training that doesn’t stick? In this session, you will learn practical techniques to structure your program and create lasting behavioral and cultural change. The speaker will share a multi-faceted approach to engage leaders as teachers that reinforce and support learning, application, and integration.
Karin Hurt, Chief Executive Officer - Let's Grow Leaders
David Dye, President - Let's Grow Leaders

Application on the Job 1

Apply a leaders-as-teachers approach to reinforce learning and application in your leadership development program.

Application on the Job 2

Use the "own the U.G.L.Y." technique to discover the root cause of your sustainability challenges.

Application on the Job 3

Build a better infrastructure for creating true executive partnerships to support leadership development programs.

Session Type

New ATD Speaker